What to do on your Stag Party in Bratislava?

Bratislava is one of the Top 10 European locations to organize a stag weekend abroad. You can choose from various highly entertaining day-time and night-time activities & meet Slovakia’s beautiful ladies. The best part of it all? You will not have to worry about your wallet, as Bratislava is one of the cheapest cities in Europe.

Stag Party in Bratislava
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Whether you want a wild party, feel the adrenaline pumping, taste great food or simply experience some entertainment, you will have the chance to enjoy all these things in Bratislava. Stag activities can be planned and customized to suit the individual tastes and needs of the groom and his group of friends. On this page, we provide you with tips and insights on how to experience the ultimate stag activities in Bratislava. Plan an unforgettable farewell to freedom for your best mate in the capital of Slovakia.

Start by getting your adrenalin pumping

If bungee jumping isn’t exactly your cup of tea, but you still want to experience a hefty dose of adrenaline, try the bridge swinging jump instead. You will experience the same free-falling feeling that you would during a bungee jump, but feel more secure, thanks to a much lower jumping platform. Help the groom-to-be experience a proper jump, before he takes the leap into marriage. The bridge swinging jump costs 25 € per person.

Feel like true men on the shooting range

We know that you have always wanted to hold a real weapon in your hand. Feel the thrill of firing bullets in a controlled environment! We offer you a number of shooting packages that include several types of fully-loaded weapons, ranging from revolvers to the legendary AK47 Kalashnikov. To ensure the proper guidance, an English-speaking instructor will be available to you and the lads.

If you want to put your shooting skills to the ultimate test and fire at your mates in a safe environment, try paintball. You will experience this adventure in the woods near the Danube river and get a chance to win bragging rights on who is the best shot in your group.

Night-time fun

Bratislava is a vibrant city that comes to life at night. Make sure to visit the various bars, restaurants, or strip clubs. The price of alcohol in Bratislava is low compared to other European cities. Your budget will go a long way here, so you can enjoy a truly good time for a little amount of money. Go ahead, get intoxicated and show off your exotic dance skills to the locals, while having the time of your life with your best mates!