The PPS is a family of Soviet submachine guns chambered in 7.62×25mm Tokarev, developed by Alexei Sudayev as a low-cost personal defense weapon for reconnaissance units, vehicle crews and support service personnel.The PPS and its variants were used extensively by the Red Army during World War II and were later adopted by the armed forces of several countries of the former Warsaw Pact as well as its many African and Asian allies.


Weapon type:Full-auto submachine gun
Weight:3.04 kg (6.7 lb)
Calibre & cartridge:7.62×25mm Tokarev
Capacity:35-round detachable box magazine
Effective range:100 - 150 m
Rate of fire:600-700 rounds/min (cyclic rate), 100 rounds/min (effective rate)
Designer:I.K. Bezruchko-Vysotsky and A. I. Sudayev
Number produced:2 million
Action:Blowback, open bolt
In service:1942–1960s (USSR), 1942–present (other countries)
Muzzle velocity:500 m/s approx.