The Legend! The AKM is a modernized version of the classic AK-47. Introduced into service with the Soviet Army, the AKM is the most omnipresent variant of the entire AK series of firearms and it has found widespread use with most member states of the former Warsaw Pact and its many African and Asian allies.


Weapon type:assult rifle
Weight:3.1 kg (6.83 lb)
Calibre & cartridge:7.62×39mm M43
Capacity:30 rounds
Effective range:400 m, 100–1,000 m sight adjustments
Rate of fire:600 rounds/min
Designer:Mikhail Kalashnikov
Manufacturer:Izhmash,Tula arsenal, others
Number produced:75 mil.
Action:Gas-operated, rotating bolt
In service:1949-present
Muzzle velocity:715 m/s