Shooting without weapon licence in Bratislava

In most places, shooting without a shooting licence is not allowed, but in Slovakia you can shoot even if you don’t have one.

To participate at shooting event in Bratislava, following requirements apply:

  • for unrestricted shooting, the person must be at least 18 years old
  • for shooting event for minors under 18 years (minimum age 12), please contact us for possible options
  • you must provide valid travel document with photo (passport, government issued ID card)
  • customers can’t be under any influence of alcohol or drugs

We often get the question where you can shoot without licence in Bratislava. All our shooting ranges allow shooting without any weapon licence or gun licence under supervision of an shooting instructor.

Rules for shooting without licence in Bratislava

You will be shooting real ammo (not like in some other cities where you shoot blank bullets). Therefore safety is of the highest importance. Before every shooting session, there is a briefing by the shooting instructor to explain the safety rules and basic weapon handling.

During the entire shooting event there is the instructor present right next to the person shooting and ready to assist.

All participants must follow the safety rules and instructions provided. The shooting instructor will immediately give corrective orders if needed. Should there be breaking of the rules, depending on severity there will be a warning for minor incidents or ban on using guns without refund for any major safety incident.