Health and Safety Measures (June 2020)

We understand the importance of the health and safety arrangements for our clients and staff due to the risks related with the coronavirus.
Slovakia has been mildly hit by the coronavirus as there have been only 280 cases per 1 million citizens in Slovakia (as of 1st June 2020). This is only 5% of the numbers in most hit European countries.

At our Bratislava shooting ranges we follow the authorities requested measures as well as any further common sense measures, that can improve the health & safety situation.

Health & Safety Protocols applicable:

  • face masks covering mouth and nose are obligatory for all participants and staff
  • social distance of 2 meters when applicable (in our case except the actual shooting when instructor must stand closer to the person holding the weapon)
  • you have access to sanitizing station with alcohol-based hand sanitizing
  • regular disinfection of weapons and other equipment
  • permanent air circulation when applicable


Facemask against coronavirus